Empowering You Through Field Hockey

We are all about field hockey player development by offering the right technical skills and fostering a sense of inclusivity and love of the game.

What We Offer

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Our club teams are focused on creating better field hockey players, improving skills to prepare players. We will have a tight coach to player ratio so your player is getting 1 on 1 attention and ongoing feedback.



For players who want to continue to improve, may not have time for a club team or are not ready, we offer positional classes, clinics, and other training dependent on the season. We also offer private lessons for those that want 1 on 1 attention on very specific skills.



Our coaches and college recruiting consultant helps players reach their college field hockey dreams. Need help with coach questions, emails, video assessment and more, we are here to help.

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Omega Field Hockey

How We Are Different

We love field hockey. We pride ourselves on the philosophy of keeping our coach to player ratio tight, with a keen focus on the fundamentals while in a positive learning environment. We are breeding great hockey players that are great leaders off the pitch. If you play for Omega, you get to play. You will leave our training sessions knowing what you did well and what you need to adjust. This is how you get better. This is how we do things, it is always about the player and player improvement.

What You Gain

Building Confidence

Our program helps build confidence by providing a supportive environment that fosters positivity and focus on skills that need developing.

Building Character

Our field hockey program teaches players character and the utmost good and positive sportsmanship. It is about the love of the game and getting others to enjoy it too. We are foster fine young leaders for other future endeavors.

Building Competitive Spirit

Our program shows girls how to win and be competitive, it is the will the win and striving for that both as individual players and the team that matter.

Contact Us

Have a specific question, feel free to reach out. We will respond within 24 to 48 hours.